Néo: an asset for Vanlife and Mountain Expeditions

A few months ago, we gave birth to a new practical and ecological product: Néo, a 5 in 1 multi-use, biodegradable and compact. Its design was born from awareness of a very real and worrying problem plaguing the high mountains: the difficult management of wastewater in high altitude refuges. This observation, although often overlooked, is one of the driving forces that pushed us to create this innovative product.

Néo : multi-usages 5 en 1

In a few numbers

Each year, shelters in France are the destination for 380,000 overnight stays recorded on average, according to data from FFCAM (French Federation of Alpine and Mountain Clubs). This constantly evolving figure testifies to the growing appeal of the French mountains to enthusiasts and novices.

In 2020, we observed a remarkable 16% increase in the number of hikers compared to previous years, according to FFRP (French Hiking Federation). This increase can be attributed to an increased desire to enjoy the great outdoors and nature, as well as an awareness of the importance of the mountains for our well-being, especially in difficult times.

Plus de 80% des refuges n'ont jamais eu de contrôle concernant le traitement de leurs eaux usées.

The figures speak for themselves: an alarming concern emerges when we note that: 

90 % des refuges en haute montagne rejettent leurs eaux usées traitées directement dans la nature et 10 % des refuges rejettent leurs eaux directement dans la nature

This practice, which compromises the purity of mountain ecosystems, calls for urgent awareness. 

Vanlife also concerned

Another booming lifestyle, vanlife, is also not immune to this growing waste management problem. In France, demand for van rentals has exploded, recording a spectacular increase of 200% between 2018 and 2019. This trend reflects the growing attraction for the freedom that nomadic life provides aboard converted vehicles.

We interviewed vanlife enthusiasts and regulars to ask them about their habits and behaviors during their travels.

2 personnes sur 3 pratiquant la vanlife, déclarent se laver régulièrement en pleine nature et 1 randonneur sur 2 utilise des produits non-biodégradables lors de ses expéditions.

This practice poses a real challenge in terms of preserving natural spaces, because it can lead to water and soil pollution if the products used are not biodegradable*.

*namely that no cosmetic product on the market today is 100% biodegradable in aquatic environments. The ideal is to wash at least 50 meters from a watercourse (rivers, lake, sea, etc.) to avoid any disturbance to this environment. However, using a biodegradable product significantly limits your impact on the environment.

Why Neo?

The challenges of managing waste and preserving our environment manifest themselves in various aspects of our lives, whether on vanlife trips or mountain expeditions. The key lies in our ability to adopt more responsible practices that respect nature. By using ecological products, such as our innovation, Néo, we can reduce our environmental footprint and preserve the beauty of natural spaces. Our responsibility towards the Earth is a journey that we must undertake together, for a more sustainable and preserved future.

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