💚 The special Father’s Day box contains

🧼 Nil soap (100 gr) with hemp oil, grown in France. Perfect for the body, face and beard.

🧼 Elbe shampoo (55 gr), composed of 100% natural ingredients and enriched with nigella oil, it is perfect for hair short.

⛺ The 2 in 1 nomadic soap box, it is broken down into 3 elements with a removable drainer part serving as a soap dish. Everything is made of stainless aluminum.

💚 Et la trousse en coton Bio fabriquée avec amour dans un Esat à Lyon à transporter partout.

🌍 The manufacturing of our soaps based on organic vegetable oils makes its use in nature without risk for the environment.

How our soap box works:

 Open the box and remove the soap dish compartment.

Let your solid treatments dry in the soap dish between each use. The raised bottom and small holes allow water to drain.

When leaving, place the soap dish in the box before closing it and that's it!

Your soap stays dry and so does your toiletry bag. 

🏡 At home: Let your soap air dry free between each use.
🏕 On the go: Let it dry for a few minutes before closing the box.

🌎 Let's protect nature, it will reward us.