1. Discover Néo, the first solid 5-in-1 multi-purpose in 100g: body, hair, toothpaste, dishes and laundry 🥾 It is formulated from certified organicandnatural originingredients. We have selected specific ingredients to optimize the Néo experience in each of its uses ⛰️

2. Néo comes with its rectangular 2-in-1 nomadic soap box. It is ultra practical and is divided into 3 elements with a removable drainer part serving as a soap dish. Everything is made of stainless aluminum. Reusable and infinitely rechargeable 💦

3. Aneto balm is also multi-purpose: it effectively moisturizes dry hands, feet, body, lips and face or even as a makeup remover! 🧴 Nourishing and restorative, it is the true balm of the adventurer, the one that accompanies you on your most beautiful adventures ⛺️

4. The deodorant Kivu accompanies you all day long on your adventures, with its 24-hour efficiency thanks to magnesium hydroxide which absorbs moisture. We added to this certified organic vegetable oils as'sweet almond and theBlack seed oil with soothing and purifying properties 🌱

5. The beloved soap dish makes your solid treatments last longer, on the go or at home. It is fixed and positioned, without glue or drilling, on the walls of your van, shower, bathtub or sink🚿