With the Sloe soap saver, it's over! It allows you to use your solid soap until the last crumb. You can also use it as a washcloth and slip in your favorite whole soap! 🧼

To enjoy Sloe treatments until the very end!

 🤝 French and supportive manufacturing. 
The Sloe soap saveris manufactured in a Lyon workshop which supports people with disabilities towards social and professional integration or reintegration. This isanESAT >(Workplace Assistance Establishment and Service).

🧵 Natural and certified materials.
The Sloe soap saver is made up of one part inorganic cotton canvas and another part in cotton terry cloth soft organic, they are both G.O.T.S certified. The organic cotton canvas comes from fabric scraps from our kits.

G.O.T.S-LABELED (Global Organic Textile Standard): this standard aims to guarantee the organic quality of textiles and thus assure the end consumer that the product is reliable and eco-responsible.