Kivu is handmade in our Lyonnais workshop 🇫🇷

The Kivu deodorant is based on sweet almond oil and without essential oils. For a good smell for your armpits, it contains jasmine 💐 or sweet almond fragrance🌰of natural origin.

This is our first vegan deodorant! We decided to replace the beeswax with vegetable wax, carnauba wax. For our animal friends 🐝

Thanks to its small, practical format, it slips into your bag to come to the rescue of your armpits at any time, after a sports session 🚴 or before your next date 😉 and what's more, its packaging is 100% recyclable ♻️

Why is it version 1?

Because our products are constantly evolving and improving based on your feedback. Kivu deodorant is therefore due to change. 

Kivu has been tested and approved by around ten beta testers!
✅ No baking soda
✅ Alcohol-free and aluminum salt-free


How to use it ?

1. Remove the deodorant cap and use your finger to push the product slightly out of its packaging
2. Spread it over the entire surface of your armpit, keeping your finger at the level of the pusher to prevent the product from sinking during application

If the product is too solid, you can warm it for a few seconds against your armpit or run it under a stream of water. 

Storage: close the cap tightly after use to preserve its freshness.

🏔 And why Kivu? Lake Kivu is one of the largest lakes in Africa 🏞️
As with the rest of our range, we name our treatments after famous natural sites, mountains, rivers, lakes or rivers, in France and around the world. A way for us to remember why we do all this. 

🌎 Let’s protect nature, it will reward us well