❤️ The special Mother's Day box contains

🧼 The Gentle Soap (100 gr) with Plum almond oil, the very first soap made 100% in our workshops in Lyon by our little hands. It is perfect for pregnant women because it does not contain essential oil.

🍦 Aneto multi-purpose balm (60 ml), its shea whipped cream hydrates, nourishes and protects all skin, even the driest. And it too is made in our workshops in Lyon.

🇫🇷 The magnetic soap dish , super practical and made in France.

💚 And the organic cotton kit made with love in an Esat in Lyon to bring everywhere.

🌍 The manufacturing of our soaps based on organic vegetable oils makes their use in nature without risk for the environment.

Use tips for the magnetic soap dish

① Clean the area where the suction cup is placed. Choose a smooth, dry place without roughness so that the suction cup adheres best.

② Fix the magnetic suction cup on the tiles of your bathroom

③ Push the notched metal part into your soap or solid shampoo 🧼

④ Attach your soap to the magnetic suction cup, grab it and put it back infinite.

🏡 At home: Let your soap air dry free between each use.
🏕 On the go: Let it dry for a few minutes before closing the box.

🌎 Let's protect mother nature, she will reward us.