sloe's story
Behind Sloe, there are Bertrand and Fanny, the co-founders of the brand.

One from Annecy, the other from Paris, they manage together to reconcile fast-paced urban life and a passion for adventures in the great outdoors. It was after a van trip through Iceland that they decided to create sloe.

Since then, they have been the first to offer a complete range of solid treatments, manufactured locally, eco-designed, practical and perfectly adapted to
our increasingly nomadic, changing lifestyles.

Welcome to the adventure! 

sloe's commitments
Since its creation, the brand has been committed to:

❶ Offer a selection of healthy, ecological, biodegradable products, made locally and accessible to all.

❷ Use high-quality raw materials, sourced from certified suppliers.

❸ Embody the ideal transition companion to approach life without plastic and without complexes.

❹ Take the ecological effort down by offering easy-to-adopt alternatives to plastic.


sloe products are mixed. They are aimed at all those who are aware of the urgency but who do not always know where to start to initiate change.

sloe is for those who are already trying or who don't yet dare, for athletes, travelers, inveterate urbanites, lazy people, the curious, the pros, the neophytes and even the most sceptics.



Sloe has worked since its creation with a French soap maker, located in the Tarn department. Together, they developed the brand’s very first range of solid, nomadic and natural care products.
Now based in Lyon, the sloe team now plans to develop their future cold-process cosmetics there, enriched with vegetable oils from sustainably managed French production, such as hemp oil, calendula macerate, or plum oil. As for the kits and cases, the production is done at ESAT La Courbaisse located in Lyon.

In the interest of transparency, the sloe team ensures that its suppliers are selected in France or Europe as much as possible. However, certain raw materials, such as coconut or shea butter, cannot be produced locally. In this case, sloe is committed to working with sectors that respect people and the environment, with partners committed to a sustainable development approach.