Portable format 60 tablets: our toothpaste tablets are packaged in a recyclable and above all reusable aluminum box 🔄

Packet format of 125 tablets: ideal for refilling your empty box. Our sachet is made from paper and corn starch. It is 100% recyclable ♻️

Thanks to their high cellulose content, our tablets gently polish teeth and prevent possible plaque deposits, stains and bacteria. They also contain fluoride to re-mineralize teeth and protect against cavities.

🤷‍♂️ Do you find that it doesn't foam as much as a classic toothpaste? That's normal! Know that the foam doesn't prove necessarily the effectiveness of a hygiene product. Quite the contrary, it rather means that it contains foaming agents that are often disgusting. No thanks!

Our tablets are made in Germany by Denttabs

How to use them?

1. Croque entièrement la pastille pour que celle-ci se dissolve avec ta salive
2. Brosse-toi les dents pendant 2 minutes (minimum)
3. Rinse as usual
4. Reveal your most beautiful smile!

Storage: make sure to close the box properly after use to prevent your lozenges from absorbing the humidity in your bathroom and losing their aroma.