⛰ Néo, our 5-in-1 multi-purpose product, is formulated fromcertified organic and natural ingredients. We have selected specific ingredients, to optimize Neo's experience for every use.

🌿 Our multi-prupose Néo is handcrafted in our laboratory in Givors, according to the cold saponification. SAF is an environmentally friendly, handcrafted process for preserve vegetable glycerin and all the benefits of vegetable oils.

✅ Our 5-in-1 protects and nourishes your skin without damaging the planet! It provides your skin with moisturizingpurifying and soothing, that suits all skin types. Its refillable carrying case with removable soap dish makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.

Conservation :

On the road : Leave to dry for a few minutes before closing the tin.

Directions for use :

For body and hair 🚿

  • Lather Neo between your hands and use it as your soap/shower gel/shampoo. 

PS : the mentholated sensation can be surprising when first used on the body, so be careful when washing your private parts 😉

  • Rinses Neo, before putting it back in its box.

Usage Toothpaste 🪥

  • Pass Neo under a stream of water, rub your toothbrush over Neo in a circular motion and then brush your teeth as usual.
  • Rinses Neo, before putting it back in its box.

Dishwashing 🍽️

  • Pass Neo under the water with its removable insert, before rubbing your sponge or brush directly onto the multi-purpose pad. Wash your dishes as you would your washing-up liquid.
  • Rinses Neo, before putting it back in its box.

Laundry use 🧦

  • Pass Neo under water and rub it directly onto your damp laundry.
  • Put Neo back in its box and scrub as if washing by hand.
  • Rinses Neo, before putting it back in its box.
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