Our balm is handmade in our Lyon laboratory. 🇫🇷

At Sloé
, we are committed to:

🚿 Make your bathroom minimalist:
1 product = several uses and several users.
Do we need to multiply the products to take care self ?
We design treatments that are suitable for the whole family and adapt to all situations, such as our Gentle soap or are multi-purpose like our Nil 3-in-1 soap for example. This way we save money and limit our waste.

🚫 Eliminate the use of plastic:
Our balm is packaged in an aluminum box, very compact, light, and easy to transport. Its container, once finished, is easily reusable, or infinitely recyclable, as long as you throw it into your sorting bin.

🌱 Formulate treatments with clean compositions:
As with a restaurant menu, the shorter the better!
Here for our balm, only 4 ingredients of natural and organic origin have been selected for their protective, restorative and nourishing synergy.
< /strong>Here no controversial ingredients such as hydrogenated oils or unnecessary preservatives.

🏔 Why Aneto? After the name of the highest peak in the Pyrenees.
As with the rest of our range, we name our treatments after famous natural sites, mountains, rivers, in France and around the world. A way for us to remember why we do all this. 

🌎 Let's protect nature, it will reward us.