🌱  Elbe is ideal for short, mid-length hair, or unremarkable long hair. Fully biodegradable, it is also the best ally of all outdoor adventurers.⠀

✅ Elbe is made from cold saponified vegetable oils. This is same manufacturing process as that of our soaps. Its rechargeable carrying box allows you to easily transport it everywhere with you.

What to do to have a dreamy, natural mane?

🚿 Rinse, rinse, rinse! The foam from cold shampoos is often denser and can leave residue in your hair. ⠀

💆🏼‍ Alternate with other natural liquid or solid shampoos and why not, with washing powders. ⠀

🚰 Uses a rinse water made fromapple cider vinegar. This makes it possible to restore the difference in PH between that of the scalp, which is acidic, and the basic PH of the cold saponified shampoo. Apple cider vinegar has many benefits for your hair.

Storage: At home, let your shampoo air dry between each use. If you're out and about, let it dry for a few minutes before closing the box. If, however, you have difficulty removing the shampoo, use the small wooden stick provided for this purpose.