Louga contains essential oils of Lavandin and Palmarosa, known for their soothing, healing and antiseptic properties. Associated with coconut oil and cocoa butter its formula nourishes and protects the skin.

Non-vegan: Louga contains beeswax 🐝

30gr portable format: thanks to its small practical format it fits in your bag when you come< span> to the rescue of your armpits at any time, after a workout or before your next date.

60gr refill format: this cardboard format is made in Europe, in England to be precise. Just like our labels, also printed in England on recycled paper. This can end up in sorting or in your compost (making sure to cut it into several small pieces to facilitate its decomposition).

How to use it ?

1. Run your finger over the surface of the deodorant to collect a small amount (no need to use a ton).
2. Spread it over the entire surface of your armpit

For added comfort, apply Louga to your skin which is still a little damp after getting out of the shower.

Storage: close the lid tightly after use to preserve its freshness.