1. The sloe kit is manufactured in Lyon, in an ESAT(Establishment and Service for Assistance through Work), a workshop which employs nearly a hundred workers and workers with disabilities. It is made of 100% organic cotton canvas, and lined for added strength.

2. Our soapNil is made up of a mixture oforganic Hemp oil strong>andorganic essential oils of Scots Pine, Cedar and Rosemary. Versatile, it can be used both in soap and in shampoo which will make it indispensable for all your future excursions.


Opt for Neva soap with Calendula And Oat milk. Neva has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties very appreciated by sensitive skins .


Choose Gentle soap is enriched with plum almond oil grown in the southwest. Allergen-free, it is suitable for the whole family, mothers and toddlers too.

We offer Nil, Neva & Doux in one of their reusable and refillable aluminum boxes.

3. Elbe nour shampoo with Nigella oil and white clay< /span>gently cleanses the scalp and strengthens hair by stimulating its regrowth. We offer Elbe in a reusable aluminum box.

4. Our toothbrush is made of Moso bamboo. The bristles of our toothbrush < strong>are flexible and perfectly suited to our solid toothpaste tablets. We offer a fabric case to protect your toothbrush when you travel.

5. Give your teeth something solid with this new format of toothpaste in tablets with natural mint flavor. Ideal for traveling and for everyday life. Our tablets are packaged in a reusable aluminum box.

6. Don’t you know our Oriclean yet? Also known as an ear pick, it is a stainless steel rod designed to clean your ears and say goodbye to disposable cotton swabs.