1. Neo, our 5-in-1 multi-purpose -1, is formulated fromcertified organic and natural origin ingredients. We have selected specific ingredients, to optimize the experience of Néo in each of its uses.

2. Néo comes with his portable 2-in-1 round soap box. It is ultra practical and is divided into 3 elements with a removable drainer part serving as a soap dish. Everything is made of stainless aluminum. Reusable and infinitely refillable.

3. The magnetic wall-mounted soap dish allows you tokeep your solid products dry between uses. The suction part attaches to your bathroom tiles and the notched part to your soap or solid shampoo.

4 . Finally, the soap saver which allows you to use your solid soap until the last crumb. Very practical for doing dishes and laundry 🧼