Covid-19: Why choose solid soap to wash your hands?

Against viral infections, one of the most effective barrier gestures remains washing your hands. So, water and soap become your best allies during epidemics. 

Ideally, it is recommended to wash your hands after being in a collective place, after being in contact with a sick person or a potentially contaminated surface, before and after eating. 

The use of antibacterial gels and hydroalcoholic solutions should be done in cases where access to a water point is impossible. It should be kept in mind that these emergency solutions disinfect but do not clean the hands, they should in no case replace complete washing of your hands with soapy water.

For effective hand cleaning, follow recommendations from the World Health Organization:

  • wet your hands completely
  • soap your hands for at least thirty seconds, 
  • remember to rub the palms of the hands up to the wrist, between the fingers and under the nails
  • rinse with clean water 
  • dry your hands with a clean towel
  • turn off the faucet with a towel.

Why choose solid soap? 

A solid soap cold saponified is composed solely of vegetable oils, unlike liquid soaps which contain 90% water and 10% more or less harmful surfactants.

It is this entirely natural composition that will guarantee your skin a gentle cleansing without drying out your hands.

Choosing to wash your hands with SAF soap is firstly applying a barrier gesture against the Covid-19 virus epidemic but it is also making a gesture for the planet by choosing to no longer create plastic waste.

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