Zero waste in the bathroom. What alternatives to plastic to finally get over the hump?

No time to wait until 2050 to put an end to the scourge of plastic. Implementing a zero waste approach is within everyone’s reach, provided a few small efforts are made. Rest assured, achieving a reasonable consumption pattern can be done very easily and without sacrificing comfort.

Where to start ? 

At the start of 2020, forget about untenable resolutions, change is happening now and in the bathroom. Indeed, we are convinced that the bathroom is the most accessible domestic space for adopting good habits and implementing new care rituals without impacting the environment and your health. To do this, you just need to equip yourself well and apply a few very simple transformations. Follow us.

Only solid 

The first essential step in your approach, start by finishing your plastic bottles to permanently replace them with solid cosmetics . Choose them organic, natural and cold saponified, the only ones to guarantee production without surfactants dangerous to your health.

Once equipped with solid cosmetics, opt for glass or aluminum containers to store them. Stronger and more resistant, you will be able to keep them for several years.

Say stop to plastic

Have you ever noticed how our cupboards tend to fill up with unnecessary bottles and single-use products? Cotton swabs, makeup remover cottons, sanitary napkins... all these products have plastic-free, long-lasting, reusable, healthy and just as effective alternatives.

Get rid of your old toothbrush made from several types of plastics that are often poorly recycled or not recycled at all. Instead, choose a bamboo toothbrush biodegradable and compostable. And swap your equally non-recyclable tube of toothpaste for solid tablets organic with mint and now take care of your smile properly.

Permanently eliminate extremely polluting and carcinogenic aerosol deodorants with a solid cream deodorant based on natural ingredients and without baking soda which can be irritating on this sensitive area of ​​our skin.

Finally, the best waste is that which we do not produce, so forget about disposable and polluting cotton swabs and treat yourself toa pair ofOriclean. Our washable and reusable for life stainless steel solution which gently cleans your ears.

Did you know ?

Less than a third of plastic waste is collected for recycling. Due to their small size, these single-use plastic products end up in the majority of cases in landfill or incinerated, when they are not released directly into nature, with disastrous consequences for flora and fauna. On a European scale, the quantity of plastic thus released into the oceans would be between 150,000 and 500,000 tonnes each year! 

(Source: Zero Waste France)


Take care of yourself

Be patient with yourself by remembering that perfection does not exist.Small conscious changes are better than nothing at all.So do as we do, be imperfect!

It's all about getting started. 

Fanny and Bertrand.