sloé officially becomes an artisan manufacturer

Made up of 6 100% natural care essentials, the Sloe range has been designed and designed to stay clean without dirtying the planet. From the creation of Sloe, the manufacturing of certain products such as shampoo Elbe , soaps Nile , Never will And Doux , as well as Louga deodorant, was then entrusted to an artisan soap maker located in the south-west of France.

Today our objective is to continue to make Sloé an artisanal brand, on a human scale, where the cold saponification know-how remains at the heart of our mission: to offer healthy, low-impact, accessible, practical and zero-plastic hygiene care.

From the start, we made the choice to move away from subcontracting and become a manufacturer of our own products. To do this, we had to find the right location and sufficient human and financial resources. In a few months, we expanded the team and placed our boxes in the Lyve business incubator. As we already explained in this article , the recent inauguration of our own production laboratory sounds like a real accomplishment, the start of a new adventure!

This new stage marks a decisive turning point in our development and thus responds to two major challenges. On the one hand that of controlling the entire production chain of our treatments but also that of establishing ourselves more firmly in the Lyon and Rhône-Alpine region.

After months of preparation, searching for financing, assembling furniture, purchasing equipment and raw materials, here we are! The very first production can finally start. 



Launch of the first Sloé production with the release of Aneto balm.  

And it is with the release of a brand new 100% natural product that we inaugurated the use of the Sloé lab: Aneto , our multi-use, nourishing and repairing balm .


To design this treatment, we imagined a short composition, formulated from noble, 100% natural and organic ingredients: shea butter, hazelnut and sesame vegetable oils, and vegetable glycerin.

Each of these ingredients has been selected for their protective, restorative and nourishing synergy. In total, 6 ingredients make up this new essential to take with you everywhere.

Multi-purpose, the balm Aneto can be used as a treatment for dry hands, the body, the face, chapped lips, for the beard and even the ends of the hair. Named after the highest peak in the Pyrenees, we do not deviate from the tradition of naming our products after famous natural sites, mountains, rivers in France and around the world.

 Aneto, the new all-purpose balm in 6 points: 

 A light and ultra whipped cream texture melting for better application.

 A short and clean composition: 6 100% natural and organic ingredients.

Multi-purpose: hands, body, face, lips < /span>chapped, beard and hair.

Lightweight and compact format: containing aluminum, material light, strong andrecyclable.

Zero plastic: its box isrefillable and infinitely reusable.

❻< /span> Suitable for the whole family: allergen-free.

Why choose to become an artisan/manufacturer?

1️⃣ To continue to offer the best in natural nomadic care: by creating new products more freely in line with the needs of our community.

2️⃣ To control the entire production chain: from packaging to sending orders, at Sloé we do everything ourselves. We are proud to now be in control of the formulation and manufacturing stages of our (future) treatments!

3️⃣ To go even further in our ecological commitments:
By selecting the best suppliers of raw materials. By imagining healthy and short compositions. By innovating in the search for ingredients of 100% natural origin, with lower impact and by refusing to give in to the use of controversial components such as hydrogenated oils or polluting surfactants, such as SCI.