New twist in the sloe adventure

sloe, our hygiene care brand, is part of an approach that is both ecological and eco-responsible. Created in 2019 by Fanny and Bertrand, it is aimed at all those who wish to take care of their bodies while respecting the planet. Nomadic and daring , sloe products and accessories slip into your backpack and accompany you on all your adventures!

sloe's vision

As travel enthusiasts , we have always been attentive to our environmental impact. However, we quickly realized that the promises of cosmetic brands were often not kept. Unfortunately, the products and accessories that populate our bathrooms are far from being as clean as their labels say. Plastic , excess packaging or composition based on chemicals , they are both toxic to health and the environment.

Faced with such an observation, we have chosen to fight against the harmful effects of the cosmetics industry and to act on our scale. This is how s loe was born , an eco-responsible skincare range committed to respecting the environment:

  • solid , refillable and biodegradable cosmetics , manufactured using the cold saponification process;
  • nomadic and durable accessories , which accompany you on all your adventures!

The main stages of the sloe adventure

Our mission ? Facilitate access and make desirable the use of solid, eco-responsible, natural treatments, handcrafted with a lot of love

Launch of sloe in 2019

The sloe brand was created in 2019, after the success of our first crowdfunding campaign. By reaching 172% of our objective , we are now able to develop, test and sustain our project. We are also launching the production of zero waste kits. This is the start of a great adventure! 

2020, sloe celebrates its first anniversary

In 2020, sloe is celebrating its first anniversary, in the midst of a health crisis. Despite the difficulties, the project takes on its full meaning. At this stage, the brand is growing well and we are selling almost 15,000 products and accessories to our first customers.

We are taking advantage of confinement to work on new products, notably mild soap, and to develop our partnerships.
Our network of points of sale is gradually consolidating and we are gaining visibility on the rest of the project.

At the same time, we left Paris to settle in Lyon , a decision that we have never regretted. After a turbulent first year, Sloe's results are more than positive . The team is proud to continue the adventure!

2021, the team is growing! 

2021 is off to a flying start! The sloe team is joining a 4-month support program within one of the business centers in the city of Lyon. To support us in our growth, we welcome a new member to the team: Marie-Sandra. An expert in the cold saponification process , she is responsible for the development of future products. Together, we imagine the solid and natural care of tomorrow.

sloe: what’s next? 

Installation in our new workshop in Lyon

After much research, we have finally settled in Lyon in our new 90 m2 premises . Located in one of the business incubators of the Lyon metropolis , this new space will allow us to accommodate our manufacturing workshop and accelerate the growth of our project.

Becoming a soap maker, a dream come true…

Thanks to the opening of our manufacturing workshop , we are realizing our dream of becoming an artisan soap maker ! This transition allows us to control the entire production chain of our products and accessories. Preparation, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, we now control all these different stages.

The advantages of cold saponification

Cold saponification is an ancestral manufacturing process that preserves the benefits of our solid soaps and shampoos. Naturally rich in vegetable glycerin , they provide softness and hydration to hair and skin. Beyond a simple hygiene product, it is real care for the body .

By opting for cold saponification for the manufacture of our cosmetics, we are committed to offering unique and eco-responsible products and accessories. It is a slower process, but also more respectful of the raw materials used. Most ? Cold saponification does not emit any harmful emissions for the planet and requires very little energy.


The creation of a new product

In parallel with the opening of our workshop, we have been working for several months on the development of a brand new product. Our ambition : to offer solid treatment, both gentle and effective. Its unique formulation comes from a production method that respects the environment as well as the people who make it. Certified organic , it concentrates all the benefits of nature and accompanies you on all your escapades.

Opening up new perspectives

The creation of the manufacturing workshop in Lyon will allow us to anchor ourselves in the region and create new synergies. We are committed to working with local suppliers in order to strengthen our presence in the region and participate in its economic activity.

Since the beginning of the summer, we have also started to share our expertise in cold saponification through running workshops for the creation of natural and artisanal cosmetics. The opportunity for us to meet our customers and experience new moments of exchange.

A big thank you to you who follows us and supports our project directly or indirectly! Our adventure would not be the same without you. In your bathroom, on the beach or in the mountains , thank you for your commitment to a plastic-free world! Our planet is unique, let's protect it.