Elbe solid shampoo: how to use it correctly?

Want to do better for the environment? Why not start by changing your bathroom habits? One of the easiest eco-gestures to adopt is to swap your liquid shampoo for a solid one. An ecological alternative that can really make a difference. We tell you everything about our Elbe solid shampoo , natural and labeled Nature et Progrès.

Solid shampoo, what are the benefits? 

The list of benefits of using a solid shampoo is particularly compelling for anyone looking to take care of themselves while reducing their impact on the planet. To name just a few, here are five of our best arguments: 

Better for your health : by choosing a natural solid shampoo you avoid consuming controversial ingredients such as parabens, sulfates and silicones that are found in almost all conventional shampoos and shower gels.

Bye bye plastic: French bathrooms generate nearly 16,000 tonnes of plastic bottles in the trash every year. In France, only 26% of plastic packaging is recycled. It's time to act.

Preserve our planet : silicones, petrochemical oils, preservatives, many of the ingredients used in industrial cosmetics are not degradable and have a disastrous ecological record. Inexpensive and mediocre, these components provide no benefit and are only used by manufacturers to save money. What if we instead asked the question of the true ecological cost of things?

Save money : time and money! Solid products last on average twice as long as their liquid counterparts.

Travel light: a plastic bottle of liquid shampoo is made up of 90% water. Why bother? Our solid and natural products are portable and very easy to transport thanks to their rechargeable transport box.


Elbe solid shampoo: how to use it correctly?

Our Elbe shampoo is cold saponified. This means it is made using the same process as our soaps. In the case of cold saponification , the surfactant is obtained by the reaction between the soda and the vegetable oils used. Unlike other natural solid shampoos using controversial surfactants such as SCI, here we are talking about anionic surfactant, created naturally during the saponification process. The foam is then 100% natural and biodegradable.

The formulation of our Elbe shampoo is one of the most ecological that can exist in natural cosmetics. Enriched with Nigella oil, our Elbe shampoo is perfect for short, mid-length hair, or long, unremarkable hair.

Fully biodegradable, it is the adventurers' best ally. Its useful life is equivalent to 2 months and replaces the equivalent of two plastic bottles. Formulated and handcrafted in France and bears the Nature & Progrès label.


Our tips for a dreamy, natural mane

Depending on your history with using conventional shampoos, your transition to a solid shampoo may take more or less time. Indeed, years of using harmful products do not fade so quickly. You have to be patient because your hair needs time to detox. 

① Take your time and be kind to yourself:
During the first days of using a natural liquid or solid shampoo, the quality of your hair may be visually altered. You will only start to see a change after the 4th or 5th wash. Why not start your transition on vacation or during confinement? 

② Space out shampoos and alternate between different natural hair care products:

If the transition to a natural solid shampoo seems insurmountable to you, you can always alternate with a sulfate-free liquid shampoo. There are also plenty of other ways to take care of your hair naturally: applying an oil bath, clarifying and using natural cleansing powders (Shikakai, Ghassoul, Clay, etc.)

③ Use an acidic final rinse water

The difference in PH between the scalp and the soap-based solid shampoo can give the impression of dry or poorly rinsed hair. To avoid this, we advise you to try doing the last rinse of your hair with a solution of apple cider vinegar diluted in water (around 3%).



We hope you liked this article and that our advice will be useful for you to approach the use of our solid shampoo with complete peace of mind.

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