A summer to improve: a 100% zero plastic bathroom

In our last article on Zero Waste in the bathroom, we present to you all the products of our brand, guaranteed plastic-free, rechargeable or usable for life like our pair of Oriclean ! To go further in this desire to completely ban plastic from our bathrooms, we have selected great brands that complement Sloe products.< br>

Make-up remover pads

Between Paulette Zéro Déchet and Sloe, it was an immediate crush! We are fans of the concept of “Gentle Revolution” launched by Pauline, the founder of Paulette Zéro Déchet. We find ourselves very much in her desire to democratize, desacralize and de-moralize ecological initiatives by offering ethical and aesthetic products.

More than a cotton pad Pauline created “les Pancakes": the first airy, soft and soft washable makeup remover pads. In addition to being sustainable products, these pancakes are made in France. Paulette Zéro Déchet also offers bags made from fabric scraps, we call this upcycling. This summer, keep a close eye on Paulette Zéro Déchet because our little finger tells us that she is preparing some great new products for us!

A plastic-free razor

Do you knowIlin Shop ? It is an e-shop entirely dedicated to bathroom products and accessories. And why do we love it? Because Noémie, the founder, has selected 100% Zero Waste products, with healthy and natural formulas. Besides, several of our products are sold on Ilin.

In our quest for plastic-free shaving we found this beautiful brass razor with interchangeable blades. It is available in rose gold but also in black or white to appeal to everyone. It is compatible with universal blades so no hassle, you can change the blades wherever you are.

Periodic protection

Goodbye to the unhealthy products that we have been inflicting on our bodies for so many years! In the hygienic protection section we would like to introduce our two favorite brands: Périodes and Moodz< /b>.

Periods this is the brand of hygienic protection in organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard certified) created by Margaux, Juliette and Eva. In addition to offering chemical-free, 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic pads and tampons, Périodes has created a solidarity program to fight against menstrual poverty. So for any purchase of goodies (totebag, pouch, stickers, etc.), the founders of Périodes finance self-service distributors of organic periodic protection in structures that do not have the budget to install them. A beautiful eco-responsible and committed project!

As for Moodz, it's a great brand from menstrual panties adapted to any type of flow! Following the sanitary protection scandal in 2017, highlighted by the film “Tampon, our intimate enemy » by Audrey Gloaguen, Claire and Caroline were keen to create healthy panties and safe for women's health. This is how Moodz was born! Thanks to three layers of fabric: draining cotton, absorbent bamboo and waterproof membrane, Moodz menstrual panties protect you for 12 hours! They can be used alone, or in addition to a menstrual cup or an organic tampon.

To help you take the plunge, Moodz is offering you 10% off your entire order with the code MOODZSLOE. Enjoy!

We hope that this article will help you find great brands to support you in this ecological transition! So who is taking up the challenge of having a 100% zero plastic bathroom by the end of summer? ;)

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