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Spending a summer in nature, we all dream of it after these long months of confinement! So to make the most of these wide open spaces and above all to preserve them, we give you some advice on how to equip yourself and go on an eco-responsible adventure.

The world of outdoor touches around 20 million people in France, which is why, at Sloe, it seems important to us to continue our small gestures outside of our bathroom. We therefore looked for solutions to consume better, and in a more sustainable way, when we want to practice outdoor activities or going on a micro-adventure.

The pioneer brand in this desire to manufacture outdoor equipment that is more respectful of the environment, consumers and producers is of course Patagonia. Since 2000, it has collaborated with the Bluesign® label (the most comprehensive label in terms of mountain equipment) to develop equipment that is more respectful of the Planet.

In 2002, Yvon Chouinard, the founder and owner of Patagonia launches, with Craig Mathews (ex-owner of Blue Ribbon Flies), the non-profit organization: 1% for the Planet. NGO in which Patagonia participates by donating 1% of its turnover to environmental associations which defend our air, our land and our water across the planet.

Finally, Patagonia communicates a lot about their initiative “ Worn Wear” which consists of repairing your clothes instead of replacing them when something is broken.

Committing French outdoor brands

We spoke to you about the famous American brand Patagonia but you should also know that the French group Millet Mountain Group (Millet and Lafuma) is also very committed to the preservation of nature. 'environment. You can also read all their commitments in their 2017 Sustainable Development Report.

For more than 10 years, the MMG group has implemented an internal eco-design framework called “Low Impact” which encourages teams to develop increasingly responsible products! For a product to be labeled Low Impact it must be designed based on:

  • 40% “eco-friendly” materials (recycled, organic, bio-sourced, bio-degradable, etc.)
  • or a minimum of 80% Bluesign® certified materials

Equip yourself differently

Before getting to the heart of the matter, we would like to share with you a little method that we love to know if we should buy a product or not. This is the method: BISOU created by Herveline Giraudeau and Marie Duboin, two activist and uninhibited authors.

The idea is to use this method before each purchase. The name “BISOU” is actually a mnemonic to remember the 5 questions to ask yourself:

  • Bneed
  • Iimmediate
  • Ssimilar
  • Origine
  • Utile

Buy second-hand outdoor gear or gear

We recently discovered the site Campsider a marketplace that offers to sell and therefore buy used outdoor sports equipment, with complete confidence . The team started from a simple observation: everything we need already exists! They have therefore made it their mission to encourage second-hand consumption to gradually reduce the manufacturing of new products. A great way to equip yourself less expensively and protect our beautiful Planet!

To achieve this objective, outdoor sports equipment must be able to be sold and purchased occasion, without difficulty or worry. This is why each product put online is checked by Campsider, which ensures that the product is not damaged. In addition, payments are secure and equipment guaranteed.

Rent outdoor equipment

If you occasionally need outdoor equipment such as a tent, a mattress, a sleeping bag, shoes or even a hiking bag... Some companies allow you to rent it. This is the case of the Savoyard society Les Petits Montagnards which offers hiking, trekking and camping equipment for rental.

Zero Waste hygiene products for hiking - bivouac

And of course, last but not least here are the Zero Waste and eco-responsible products that you can slip into your backpack:

- a bamboo toothbrushbiodegradable and compostable
- le toothpaste in organic solid tablets Sloe with a good mint taste
- our < /span>Nil soap, cold saponified, it can be used both in soap and in shampoo
- le solid deodorant in cream Sloe made from natural products
- and to protect your skin from the sun, without having white marks on your face, we recommend the index 50 solar stick from EQ Love< /span>. Which protects your skin and the environment!

Finally, the little extra if you still have a place in your bag, it is of course a pair of oriclean to gently clean your ears.

©Audrey Embarek Rollin from the travel blog Refuse to Hibernate

We hope you enjoyed this article and that our advice will be useful for you to go hiking and camping in an eco-responsible way. All that remains is for us to wish you a great summer!

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