Zero waste and imperfect

Perfectly imperfect! 

At Sloe we know as much as you that consuming better means consuming less. However, we also know that changing your habits can sometimes seem insurmountable given the efforts that this entails. Even though there are many alternatives today, they are not always accessible or easy to implement, due to lack of time or resources.

At Sloe, we have a positive and optimistic vision of the changes to adopt to reduce our impact, getting back to basics, without guilt. It is by adding up the small gestures that we can initiate the transition, show the way and make a difference. By offering you turnkey solutions< /strong>, at Sloe we are keen to prove to you thatzero-wasteis actually very simple!

Also, we designed our project using a complete sustainable development approach. Our kits are manufactured in an ESAT. Our solid cosmetics are organic, vegan and made in France.

However, some of our accessories are manufactured and imported from Asia. This is the case of our toothbrushes which are produced from the Moso variety of Bamboo, a plant which has many ecological advantages but which does not grow in Europe. Just like the stainless steel rods of our Oriclean, for which we borrowed this ancestral Chinese and Japanese treatment technique. While waiting to find European suppliers, we felt thatthis selection was the fairest.

At Sloe, we want to remain transparent about the origin of our products. Favoring optimism in all our efforts, we learn and grow as you do. Every gesture counts and it's the most important , so thank you for trusting us!